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May 4, 2017

Surface Analysis Lab Offers SEM Short Course: June 13 – July 18, 2017

We are again offering our annual Applied Scanning Electron Microscopy Short Course from  June 13 – July 18.  Lectures will be held on Tuesdays, 11am -12pm.  Two-hour Labs will be held from Tuesdays – Fridays, 10 am – 12 pm or 1 – 3 pm (depending on your chosen schedule) at Rm 2028 .  This short course will allow you access to the FEI Quanta SEM and FEI Helios Nanolab (for high resolution imaging only).  After finishing the short course, students will be qualified as independent users of these instruments.

We invite you or your students to take advantage of this course if you are planning on using the SEM.  Taking this course will be less expensive but more comprehensive than doing a one-on-one training.  We’re initially offering 7 lab classes of 2 students each.  For more information on the class and directions on how to enlist, you can visit the link below.  Prices for the different modules are also listed in the page.

SEM/EDS: June 13, 20, 27, July 3, and 11
EBSD: July 18

Short Course Rate
U of U student:
$ 260.00 – Whole course
$ 218.00 – Module 1: Basic SEM and EDS
$ 42.00 – Module 2: EBSD Analysis (Quanta training required to enlist)

Out of U Students:
$ 392.60 – Whole course
$ 329.18 – Module 1: Basic SEM and EDS
$ 63.42 – Module 2: EBSD Analysis (Quanta training required to enlist)

Commercial Users:
$ 520.00 – Whole course
$ 436.00 – Module 1: Basic SEM and EDS
$ 84.00 – Module 2: EBSD Analysis (Quanta training required to enlist)

Module 1. Basic SEM and EDS Analysis

This is a practical short course in Scanning Electron Microscopy. The focus of the course will be on providing an applied understanding of basic theory of electron microscopy and microanalysis, while training students on the use of the FEI Quanta 600 and hi-res imaging in the FEI Helios Nanolab 650. (NOTE: The hi-res imaging lab in the Helios does not constitute full training on focused ion beam (FIB) sample preparation and liftouts. A one-on-one training is still required to use the FIB TEM sample preparation). After the short course, free training and practice time will be available for students interested in using our recently installed JEOL JSM-5910 SEM.

Consists of four (4) 1-hour long lectures and five (5) 2-hour labs TBD over a five-week period.

Module 2. EBSD Analysis

Electron Baclscattered Diffraciton analysis allows for texture and grain structure studies on thin film and polished surfaces. This module will provide fundamental concepts of EBSD and training on basic operation and data analysis using the EDAX OIM system. Consists of one (1) 1-hour lecture and one (1) 2- hour lab.

Contact us for more information:
Dr. Paulo Perez:
Dr. Brian Van Devener:
Dr. Randy Polson:

The Utah Nanofab Preliminary Data Seed Fund

The Surface Analysis Lab and the Nanofab provide up to three (3) months of cost-reimbursed access (free user fees) to our instruments.  It is intended to enhance competitiveness in upcoming research grant proposals.  The preliminary data seed fund is also available for off-campus academic users and private companies pursuing new funding opportunities.  In case of off-campus applications funding is limited to $3,000 – $5,000 which is approved and provided by USTAR.

To apply, you can go to the “members” tab above and click on PI Resources, or you can click the link below:

For more information you can contact Dr. Ian Harvey at

New Nanometer Scale 3D Tomography


The Surface Analysis lab is pleased to announce the addition of 3D imaging and elemental mapping tomography to its high resolution S/TEM, the JEM-2800.

Through a collaboration between the U, S/TEM manufacturer JEOL and developer App5, we add another first-of-its-kind among academic institutions: the ability to map elemental compositional distributions in 3D. This is done by reconstructing images taken during a tilt series in STEM mode, including both structural information and EDS information. This is only feasible because of the extremely efficient collection of x-rays through the use of the large-area dual detectors configured on this microscope. For more information, see Dr. Brian Van Devener, Dr. Randy Polson, or Dr. Paulo Perez.

JEM2800 Hi-resolution

Analytical S/TEM with Fast EDS



Jul 17, 2014
Dear S/TEM enthusiasts!
The high resolution JEOL 2800 S/TEM with ultrafast EDS (twin high count detectors) has arrived!
This first-of-its kind in the Americas instrument is being assembled on site and is expected to be functional the first week of September. Monitor progress at the Surface Analysis Lab (SMBB room 2149).  We at the Nanofab are excited to see how this USTAR/MRSEC-funded instrument will make research at the U even better.  We will be hosting an applications open house once the instrument is running where we will evaluate any non-outgassing samples free of charge. Surface Analytical Instruments
Note that this instrument IS available for use by for-profit entities, thanks to JEOL for paying the import duties.
Details on training will be coming out separately…
See you soon!
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