Fischione 1020 Plasma Cleanerplasma cleaner

The Plasma Cleaner automatically and quickly removes organic contamination (hydrocarbon) from electron microscopy specimens and specimen holders. A low energy, reactive gas plasma cleans without changing the specimen’s elemental composition or structural characteristics. The Plasma Cleaner features easy-to-use front panel controls and an oil-free vacuum system for optimal processing.

Cleaning is solely by reactive gas compounds formed by the plasma chemically reacting with carbonaceous material on the specimen and specimen holder. The nonequilibrium, high-frequency plasma is generated with a gas mixture of 25% oxygen and 75% argon. Free electrons are accelerated to high velocities by an oscillating electromagnetic field (13.56 MHz) that excites gas atoms and creates the plasma. The plasma ions impinge upon the surface with energies of less than 12 eV, which is below the specimen’s sputtering threshold.

Plasma Cleaner Operating Procedures

SEM Mill Model 1060

The SEM mill is a polishing system to that uses Argon gas to remove surface material to achieve a smooth surface for use in a SEM or TEM applications.

SEM Mill operating procedures

Allied Prep Tools

M-prepMultiprep Polishing System

The multiprep is a semi-automatic polishing system that can be used to prepare a wide variety of microscopy samples. These include SEM, EBSD, TEM, AFM and optical profiler specimens. The polishing system can be used with silicon carbide, diamond lapping film or colloidal silica and alumina.

hand polisherM-Prep 3

The M-prep 3 uses the same polishing substrates as the Multiprep but lacks the automated features.


Tech cutTechcut 4

The Techcut 4 is a low speed saw for sectioning of smaller samples from larger bulk materials. Gravity feed cutting system allows for counterbalancing of delicate samples. The instrument also features an automatic lubrication system.



Gatan Prep Tools

PuncherTuned Piezo Cutting Tool

This tool is used for cutting a 3 mm diameter disc, with a maximum thickness of 5 mm, from bulk material for TEM sample preparation.

PECSPrecision Etching Coating System (PECS)

This tool adds a thin conductive layer of gold/palladium, carbon, chromium or platinum to SEM samples to reduce charging.

PECS operating procedures

PIPSPrecision Ion Polishing System (PIPS)

The ion etching system is intended for the final phase of polishing for TEM samples. The system uses Argon gas to remove surface material to a thickness of 30 to 100 nm.

Pips Operating Procedures

DimplerDimpler Model D500i

The Dimpler is used to reduce the thickness of samples in TEM preparation. It uses a variety of dimpling tools to grind a 3 mm diameter disk to a maximum point thickness of approximately 75 µm and minimum point thickness of 5-10 µm.

Dimpler, PIPS Operating procedures