Bruker Dimension Icon Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

AFM provides surface topology by using a probe to detect the intermolecular forces between the sample surface and the probe.

Analytical Modes

  • Contact Mode
  • Tapping Mode
  • Bruker ScanAyst Mode and Peak Force Tapping Mode
  • Magnetic Force Microscopy
  • Fluid Cell Imaging
  • Special Deep trench probe for high aspect ration imaging

Uses and Applications

  • Measurement of nanoscale surface roughness from <1 nm to ~500 nm
  • Measurement of nanoscale step height
  • Analysis in fluid cells and in controlled environments
  • Atomic-scale surface manipulation and modification
  • Quantitative measurement of surface roughness
  • Elastic modulus ranges from ~1 MPa to 50 Gpa
  • Adhesion forces ranges from ~10 pN to 10 N

On Campus Users: $25.00 Dr. Brian Van Devener
Off Campus Academic Users $38.00 Lab: 801-587-3108
Industry Rate $50.00 Office: 801-585-6162
Industry Expedite Rate $150.00

Selected Publications

Siegel, G.P., Prestgard, M.C., Yang, H.Y., and Tiwari, A.
Spin Current Response in Bi-YIG/Pt Thin Film Heterostructures Induced by Gamma Radiation,
IEEE Electr. Device L., 2015, 36, 853 – 855
Erkan, M.E., Chawla, V., Repins, I., and Scarpulla, M.A.
Interplay Between Surface Preparation and Device Performance in CZTSSe Solar Cells: Effects of KCN and NH4OH Etching,
Sol. Energ. Mat. Sol. C., 2015, 136, 78.

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