Eagle III Microspot XRF

The Eagle III Microspot is an EDS-based X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometer that provides sub 1 At% bulk compositional analysis of large samples.

Uses and Applications

  • Non-destructive sample elemental analysis capable of detecting elements from Na to U
  • Little or no sample preparation needed for most materials
  • Large sample chamber accommodates irregular sample sizes and shapes
  • Fast simultaneous multi element detection
  • 0.1 mm spatial resolution

Data Acquired

  • Quantified elemental composition reported as relative atomic percentage
  • Spectroscopic image of the elemental map of a material with 0.1 mm spatial resolution

Basic Features

  • Micro-focus x-ray tube
  • High-efficiency capillary optics for creating small x-ray analysis spot
  • Precision, computer-controlled XYZ stage
  • Low and high magnification CCD cameras for easy sample positioning and rapid set-up of automated experiments
  • Large area Si(Li) detector for enhanced sensitivity
  • Large, radiation-safe sample chamber
  • Digital signal analyzer electronics
  • PC-based software for instrument control and data analysis

On Campus Users: $25.00 Dr. Paulo Perez
Off Campus Academic Users $38.00 Lab: 801-587-3108
Industry Rate $50.00 Office: 801-581-6855
Industry Expedite Rate $150.00
Automated Overnight Run:
On Campus Users: $125.00
Off Campus Academic Users $191.00
Industry Rate $250.00
Industry Expedite Rate $750.00