Hysitron TI Premier

Hysitron TI Premier Series was designed to deliver quantitative nanomechanical characterization within a compact platform. Routine measurements to advance research can be accomplished utilizing the versatile base configurations of the Hysitron TI Premier, while numerous technique upgrade options are available to meet the potential diversity of your future characterization needs.

Uses and Applications

  • Measurement of material hardness, Young’s modulus, fracture toughness and other mechanical properties via nonoindentation
  • Analysis of a wide variety of materials: Semiconductors, polymers, metals, thin films, and multiple layers.
  • Identify topographical features indicating pre-imaging for test site specification
  • Acquire additional information about the deformation in post-scanning, and measure quantitative RMS surface roughness
  • Material wear analysis by controlling the amount of load applied to sample
  • Maximum applicable load ~100 μN
  • Nanoscale mechanical and tribological behavior of materialsat elevated temperatures up to 800°C
  • Optional inert gas flow over sampleto prevent material oxidationat elevated temperature

On Campus Users: $25.00 Dr. Randy Polson
Off Campus Academic Users $38.00 Lab: 801-587-3108
Industry Rate $50.00 Office: 801-587-0873
Industry Expedite Rate $150.00