Industry Instrument Rates 2
(effective July 1, 2019 1)

Instrument Hourly
Expedite Rate 3
Overnight Rate 4 Expedite Overnight Rate3,4
Small Instrument Rate (Zygo, Polyvar, Vertex, Ellipsometer, Laser Cutter, Magnetometer) $50 $150
Nanoindenter $50 $150 $250 $750
XRF $50 $150 $250 $750
AFM $50 $150
XPS $130 $390
SEM Quanta 600F $80 $240
SEM Quanta EBSD/EDS $320 $960
Helios dbFIB $130 $390 $520 5 $1,560 5
S/TEM JEOL 2800 $160 $480 $640 $1,920 6
Professional Tech Support $130 $390
Student Tech Support $46 $138
Consumables: Nanoindenter tip for heating stage, cost billed if tip is broken 7 $2950
Ion polishing or manual cutting, polishing or coating, ultrasonic cutter, disk cutter, disk polisher, dimple, Gatan PIPS, PECS $50

1.   Rates are subject to change.
2.   If you are a for-profit entity using a federal grant or contract to pay for your lab fees you qualify for the off-campus academic rates.
3.   The Industry Expedited Rate is for industrial customers who desire results with a fast turnaround - within 2 business days subject to the following restrictions. Expedited rate runs must be pre-approved by staff, and accounting prior to beginning work. For more details, please contact Brian Van Devener at:
4.   Overnight unattended runs are to be scheduled between the hours of 5:00pm-8:00am
5.   Overnight unattended runs for the FIB (slice and view) are to be scheduled between the hours of 5:00pm-8:00am
6.   Experimental runs must be preapproved and scheduled by the staff and run during business hours.
7. Nanoindenter – for use of the special xsol heating stage, it is strongly encouraged to have staff use the probe for this stage. If users want to be trained on the use of the xsol heating stage, the user’s PI (or supervisor) would be responsible for replacing the probe if it is damaged during use. The cost is $1,935. Please contact Nanofab staff for more details. This does not apply to normal, ambient use of the nanoindenter.
Payment Policy
•    Services are billed at the end of each calendar month.
•    Payment is due Net 30 from the date of invoice.
•    If payment is not received within 60 days of the invoice date, the lab member will be locked out of the lab.