JEOL JEM 2800 Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope

The JEM 2800 is capable of providing sub nanometer resolution images. It has both secondary and transmission electron imaging modes that allow for visualization of the bulk as well as the surface of the material under analysis. Fast elemental mapping and composition analysis is made possible by the unique dual SDD design.

When publishing work with data collected from the JEOL 2800, the following should be used for acknowledgment:

“This work made use of University of Utah USTAR shared facilities supported, in part, by the MRSEC Program of NSF under Award No. DMR-1121252.”

Imaging and Analytical Modes

  • TEM and STEM mode bright field and dark field imaging
  • High angle annular dark field (HAADF) imaging in STEM mode
  • 3D tomographic imaging
  • Nanoscale crystal structure analysis
  • Nanoscale elemental mapping and composition analysis

Additional Capabilities

  • Dual SDD EDS detectors for fast data acquisition
  • App5 tomography software for 3D imaging
  • Protochips liquid cell Poseidon™ holder: In-situ liquid cell allows for S/TEM analysis of samples in liquid, heating up to 100° C, mixing of up to two liquids.
  • Protochips atmospheric holder: In-situ gas reaction cell provides
  • S/TEM analysis of samples in gas, heating up to 1000° C, gas pressures up to 1 atm, up to two different gases. For more information on our specialized Protochips holder, you can go to the Protochips webpage.
  • Electrochemistry cell with Gamry Reference 600+ potentiostat

On Campus Users: $80.00 Dr. Brian Van Devener
Off Campus Academic Users $122.00 Lab: 801-587-3108
Industry Rate $160.00 Office: 801-585-6162
Industry Expedite Rate $480.00

Uses and Applications

  • High-resolution imaging up to sub-nanometer scale

          PtNi Nanocluster             Carbon Nanotubes           Bright & Dark Field Images of Au Nanoparticles

  • Lattice resolution imaging for crystalline materials

            Si(111) wafer                                         Cr crystallite on MgH2

  • Crystal structure and defect analysis using diffraction techniques

EDS map and TEM image of SiO2 coated Fe Nanocubes         MgH2 nanocatalyst

  • Elemental analysis and mapping of nanoscale features

Recent Publications

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