Non-UofU Academe

Non U of U
Academic Instrument Rate

(effective July 1, 2019)

Instrument Hourly
Overnight Rate2 Notes
Small Instrument Rate (Zygo, Olympus, Polyvar, Vertex, Ellipsometer, Laser Cutter, Nano-Indenter,
XRF Equipment Use $38 $191 4
AFM Equipment Use $44
XPS Equipment Use $99
SEM Quanta Equipment Use $64
$256 4
Helios dbFIB Equipment Use $99 $397
S/TEM Equipment Use $122 $488 6
Professional Tech Support $99
Student Tech Support $35
Ion polishing or manual cutting, polishing or coating, ultrasonic cutter, disk cutter, disk polisher, dimple, Gatan PIPS, PECS $38

1.   Rates are subject to change.
2.   If you are a for-profit entity using a federal grant or contract to pay for your lab fees you qualify for the off-campus academic rates.
3.   The Industry Expedited Rate is for industrial customers who desire results with a fast turnaround - within 2 business days subject to the following restrictions. Expedited rate runs must be pre-approved by staff, and accounting prior to beginning work. For more details, please contact Brian Van Devener at:
4.   Overnight unattended runs are to be scheduled between the hours of 5:00pm-8:00am
5.   Overnight unattended runs for the FIB (slice and view) are to be scheduled between the hours of 5:00pm-8:00am
6.   Experimental runs must be preapproved and scheduled by the staff and run during business hours.
Payment Policy
•    Services are billed at the end of each calendar month.
•    Payment is due Net 30 from the date of invoice.
•    If payment is not received within 60 days of the invoice date, the lab member will be locked out of the lab.